As your unbiased guide and sisterly coach, I help you heal and grow at all stages of your journey:

Emotional well-being

  • Receive unconditional support and be held as you talk with someone who can truly feel your pain
  • Manage and learn from negative emotions
  • Limit obsessive thinking and learn how to let go
  • Find social support and cope with loneliness
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, sleeplessness, and brain fog
  • Build self-awareness, self-love, resilience, and equanimity


  • At a time when your identity is in flux, learn to truly know yourself and rediscover the lost parts of yourself
  • Get past the values and beliefs that keep you small or fearful
  • Determine what gives you joy and meaning, and clarify your own unique life path
  • Find greater fulfillment, satisfaction, and purpose in all aspects of your life

Love, dating, and relationships

  • Determine what you want in your next relationship
  • Learn how to stay optimistic and keep your heart open
  • Understand your relationship patterns
  • Avoid destructive dating habits
  • Ask (or vent about) any of your dating woes

These topics are not exhaustive! Please feel free to tell me about your specific concerns. Please note that I do not offer any legal or medical advice.

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Dear Anubha, thank you sooooo much for the amazing work today! You’ve cracked open my old habits accumulated in the past 30+ years, and showed me the path forward in such a caring and gentle way. I just realized how hard that work was and how brave you are to do it! Thank you for helping me on this journey of self-care. I’m really grateful. ❤

– C (woman, 37, San Francisco)

I reached out to Anubha when I was planning my divorce, a very difficult time in my life. I was worried about what life would be like as a single woman in the Bay Area, whether I would be able to support myself financially, and how to deal with emotions ranging from sorrow and hopelessness to guilt about the impact on my son’s life. Anubha intuitively understood my concerns, including some very specific cultural and marital dynamics. She was honest about the upcoming challenges but also gave me faith that I would have the strength to get through it. Together we figured out a concrete plan of action that took my career aspirations into account as well. Now, one year later, I can say that talking to Anubha made all the difference in helping me embark on this next chapter of my life with greater confidence.

– B (woman, 34, Santa Clara)

My conversations with Anubha were very therapeutic and I was surprised at how easily and vividly I was able to express the sense of loss caused by the end of my marriage and my apprehensions about the future. It was easy to do this because Anubha was very authentic and put me at ease. She listened earnestly and asked all the right questions without making me feel uncomfortable. She was very direct and objective but empathetic and gentle as well. The techniques and readings she suggested have helped me move forward, and I’ve since felt happier and better equipped to deal with my problems. I would highly recommend Anubha to any of my friends going through a divorce, separation, or other relationship issue.

– P (man, 44, San Jose)

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We’ll discuss these options, or craft something specific to your needs, during your free consultation.

Single 50-minute session
Resolve a specific question or just reach out when you need a lifeline.

2-month package
Get guidance and support as you work through an extended period of change or self-discovery. Three 50-minute sessions per month and email/text support between sessions.

Six 50-minute sessions package
Use flexibly as the need arises.

All sessions are either in person in San Francisco or by phone/video.

OR simply join the H2H community for the latest content and offerings!



Always real, always true

My approach is honest, sincere, and grounded in direct experience, both my own and others’. I have also drawn from literature in psychology, neuroscience, biology, philosophy, and spirituality in forming a strong point of view on heartbreak and relationships.

However, I prefer not to rely on simplifying frameworks or to bring up any particular brand of wisdom in working with you. If anything, my approach is based on a reverence for truth; this means I will always be real and true with you and I will use my analytical and intuitive powers to help you discover your own unique personal truth. I recognize patterns easily, but I do not believe that one size fits all.

I won’t peddle you grandiose memes and self-help platitudes as crutches either; they may be useful in certain circumstances, but usually they oversimplify or keep us from the work that leads to true healing. They can even seem like a slap in the face to someone who’s been rendered raw and vulnerable by their grief.

I would rather meet you where you are, as you are, and hold space for you. I would rather recognize the inherent complexity of your situation, then help you find the specific actions that lead to the healthiest outcome for the long-term, all while offering whatever support is needed.

I’m your unbiased guide, big sister, and coach, rolled into one

I won’t pretend to be your transformation guru, though I will fiercely hold you to the highest standards and point you in the direction of lasting peace and freedom. I want you to win.

Know that sometimes, in tending to your broken heart, we will consider other aspects of your past or current life. I will help you see the complete picture, lovingly and honestly. This may involve confronting your fears and peeling off pretenses, all of which will help you feel light.

I will care deeply about you during this period of change, help you manage your mindset and do the inner work, and nudge you in all the right ways so that you can find the harmony and love you desire.

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